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Clipper Bitter due to debut.

Burch Steiner is happy to announce the debut of a new product in January of 2016; Clipper Bitter.  Made in California, Clipper Bitter could be defined as an aperitif or an amaro, but we just call it "bitter". With an alcohol level of 21%, Clipper Bitter will make a perfect Negroni as a substitution for that other bitter product from Italy. Made with all natural fruits, herbs, and roots, Clipper Bitter is fortified with clear natural, neutral grape brandy. It can be consumed straight over ice, or more commonly, blended with soda and garnished with an orange peel.  It truly has an outstanding flavor profile for going “mad-science” behind the bar.  Mixed with gin, vodka, rye, or anything else that comes to mind, Clipper Bitter will create a delicious bitter tension in any cocktail you mix.